“Lewis is like a human party favor. Wind him up, turn him loose and between the stories, mentalism and magic, you will be entertained!”

– Bill S.

Growing up, I was the one always quick with a joke, or story, to entertain you. I used humor to make friends and get through life. I was a geeky, skinny, little kid that looked like “a pencil with the eraser torn off” according to a childhood friend.

I learned from my grandfather, and father, the POWER of laughter and how to entertain. My grandfather fought in World War ll…mainly in the bars and mainly over women, but he FOUGHT! He even wrote his own joke book in 1973. It’s were my ear for one started.

You don’t grow up in the country without having stories to tell and I have oodles. But it didn’t stop when I left the country.

That ability to tell stories naturally led to a career in Television.

I have told tens of thousands of stories in News and Entertainment News, written and produced TV and Web Commercials, written and produced Independent films, and trained over 100 journalists.

As a result, I have worked with everyone from the homeless to celebrities. My humor connected me with leaders in local government, business owners, Marketing and Public Relations people, law enforcement organizations and so much more.

I have won multiple awards in a career that spans 30 years in the television industry including shooting and editing Emmy Award -winning and Emmy Award- nominated stories and series.

In addition, I finished in the top 1% in the Toastmaster International contest, competing with speakers from around the globe.

I have worked for locally and nationally in TV, including working for The Nashville Network years ago  (with Crook and Chase) where my daily job was to help create stories on celebrities, particular Country Music Artists, including he last leg of the World Tour of Garth Brooks in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and everything in between.

Along with business partner Neil Kellen, I co-own KEYCHAIN-productions LLC, a motion picture company that produces everything from commercials, to web ads to indie film.

Working in TV News, I have seen things I can’t un-see and read things I can’t un-read. If not for my sense of humor, I couldn’t have gotten through it. It’s why I have chosen to embrace my humor and show you how to view the world, not through rose colored glasses but more through these:

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
Philip Pullman

Let’s get to laughing!


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