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Presenting “Life is Short” at the International Contest of Toastmasters International where I finished in the top 1% of those vying for World Champion.


“Humor Goo-ru”

To turn the BAD into the GOOD  you have to deal with the GOO. Your life ever feel like it stepped in warm gum on a hot day? Or maybe something else a little more pungent ? Does it ever seem as if a GOOnado is swirling around you? People say you have to laugh to keep from crying and that’s exactly what this presentation is all about.  Having a sense of humor, learning to laugh at yourself, your past and just life in general  will do wonders for you. And it’s not just about finding the funny in your personal life because Forbes has many articles on the value of humor in the workplace. You will walk away with improved communication skills. You can’t die laughing but you can make people laugh even after you die (see “Life is Short” clip).  Let’s chat!

“To Health with Laughter”

 Science has shown that laughter does a body good.  What better way for closing out a  conference than with humor?  We all have had those moments that made us laugh, those stories we can hardly eek out of our mouths due to the chuckles. I recall it starting when my father once killed  a snake…in the house…with a gun. Actually, two guns. You will hear stories you can relate to and smile about for years to come.  (See “Vega 1 Excerpt” clip).

“Hone Your Funny Bone”

A breakout session showing you how to start thinking funny and get your creative juices flowing.

Laughter Yoga

Mark Twain said “Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand”. You don’t have to be funny, or even stand, to take part in this session that has real, physical benefits and will make you feel better too! Put the lampshade on your head, it’s about to get fun in here.




“This Just In…”

Can you imagine being  the content , not the ad, at no cost to you? Would you like to learn how to say just the right things in a media interview to insure your message is getting through?

This is a perfect fit for Charities,  Public Information Officers or anyone who has to deal with the press. I teach you how to use the news as a PR tool and teach you tips and tricks on how to present yourself better along with some tricks the media will use to catch you off guard. I know, I have used some of them in my career.

 I share my experience of 25 years in Television to improve your ability to get valuable TV news coverage that translates into ad dollars. I know because, as Assignments Manager, I helped one business in one year earn over $90,000 in ad value with just one TV station.

News is a beast and it needs to be fed. Look at the amount of news content on local TV stations to see what I mean. They have hours to fill. To feed that beast, they need stories and my goal is to make you one of the most appetizing things on the buffet.

In one hour , I give you real world, insider information from someone who has dealt with those in Public Relations and Marketing  who sought airtime that you can immediately put to use.  I spent many years on the streets as a photojournalist and several years as an Assignments Manager, so I have lived it.

This material will cross over to other forms of media as well.



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