Speaking Presentations

Speaking at the International Contest of Toastmasters International where I finished in the top 1% of those vying for World Champion.

“The Naked Eye”

A powerful presentation on Positive Body Image for women. No BODY is perfect. Sharing the stories of the women I have photographed can inspire every perfectly imperfect woman to re-shape her thinking so she can re-think her shape.

(click the tab A NUDE YOU for more information)

“Hone Your Funny Bone”

 I once read that “Humor is a rubber sword, it allows you to make a point without drawing blood” and I have practiced that. But not everyone knows how to work humor into their work, their presentations or their lives. Let me show you how.

“Growing up Redneck

 Having a sense of humor, learning to laugh at yourself, your past and your mistakes will do wonders to guide you to your future. What I present will leave fill audience with laughter and smiles and leave them putting more humor into their own lives.

This one hour speech is the perfect fit to give folks a breather.

“How to USE the NEWS as a PR Tool”

With powerful stories and humor, I share my experience of 30 years in Television to improve your ability to get valuable TV news coverage that translates into ad dollars. I know because, as Assignments Manager, I helped one business in one year earn over $90,000 in ad value with just one TV station.

News is a beast and it needs to be fed. Look at the amount of news content on local TV stations to see what I mean. They have hours to fill. To feed that beast, they need stories and my goal is to make you one of the most appetizing things on the buffet.

In one hour or less, I give you real world, insider information from someone who has dealt with those in Public Relations and Marketing  who sought airtime that you can immediately put to use.  I spent many years on the streets as a photojournalist and several years as an Assignments Manager, so I have lived it.

What I present is akin to the old adage of “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” What I offer will show you how to get and sustain free media coverage that will result in more donations and more volunteers for non-profits simply because it will increase your exposure.

You will want this as part of your Public Relations and Marketing plan because advertising is harder now than ever with so many other things competing for attention. Can you imagine being  the content , not the ad, and at no cost to you?

This material will cross over to other forms of media as well.

“Media Tips and Tricks”

From how to present yourself in front of the camera to the tricks journalists will use to try to catch you off guard, this 30-40 minute session will make you more prepared for your close up.  If time permits, this can run to 60 minutes with Q and A.  (Groups of fifty or smaller.)



As an Emcee, I will work closely with you to keep your event moving, on schedule and your audience entertained.

“I was really impressed with the job you did as Emcee.  What you did was as professional as I have seen. You are good enough to do something like that at the International Convention and you should continue to take opportunities such as this.”

-Alan Shaner- International Director Toastmasters International

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