If joy could be manufactured as a human being, Kim would be the embodiment of it.

An upbeat, exotic beauty, with a great laugh, quick wit and a sweetness that would make the The Brady Bunch swoon. I have known Kim for 25 years and I tell her she reminds me of Cher…on laughing gas. She’s just wonderful to be around and we are lucky she still is.

“You have cancer”. Kim took 5 minutes letting those three, devasting words riddle her body, then she took a deep breath and without hesitation said remove her breasts. No discussion, she wanted to be clear of it.

After the treatment came the time for reconstruction and Kim’s wicked sense of humor kicked in, beginning with the fact that her doctor had the nickname of Dr. Build-a-Boob. She kept him, and those around her, in great spirits, lifting up as much or more than she was being uplifted.

Complications resulted in her reconstruction not working as well as planned and it throws her chest off kilter when she moves sometimes. But she has shown her chest to countless women talking about reconstruction or breast cancer, to talk to them about  her experience, to guide and to help.

She lacks confidence with no clothing she says, but look at her in some of these. It shows whether she recognizes it or not. Her exuberance radiates.