I was approached by this woman to take photos after she had seen some of my work. Self proclaimed to be the wilder one of her religious family, she told me her confidence is fine in her clothing but she wanted to see what we could create that would give her that same confidence nude.

She stands 5′ 5” and maybe weighs 140 dripping wet so I was taken aback by her. She said since having a child she didn’t like aspects of her body. Her C-section scar she was okay with because that was a mark of having given birth, but the stretch marks were a problem. Men she had been with also had torn her down.

We went with the theme of a devilish angel and since we were having pizza for lunch (and she wants to remain anonymous) this session became known as Pizza and Wings. We got some great stuff including some fantastic bodyscapes. While dining on Pizza and looking at the session photos we had completed, she smiled, pointed at the screen with excitement and said “I don’t know who that sexy bitch is in those pictures!” She walked away with exactly what she sought.

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