I can help you tell YOUR story and tell it better.

Lewis Chaney helped me prepare for a presentation I was giving to business owners and entrepreneurs. He was very patient and gave me practical improvements to apply as I prepared and rehearsed.  He has a very supportive nature while remaining professional and focused. Whether a person is speaking for the first time or is a seasoned speaker, I highly recommend Lewis Chaney.

Stephanie Koch, President

The AxisPointe

I know how to edit a story due to my extensive career in Broadcasting.   I know how to keep you from “burying your lead”, making sure the strongest stuff you have to say is at the top of your speech.

In journalism, you live by the KISS rule, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Being conversational is key and I can help you hone your speech and make it fluid so you aren’t reciting the written word.

As a director of Independent films, I can work with you on blocking your speech so you move with meaning. I can direct you on the delivery and pacing to make sure you maximize the impact of your statements, including when not to speak.


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