Always quick to build up other women, Valorie had lost her ability to build herself up. Once athletic, she could no longer stand to see herself and she wanted to know if a nude photo session would help her.

In her youth, she was the defender of those attacked or shamed due to their differences and I asked her to try to find that protector in her to come out to her own defense.

It’s hard, she said, when people say things like “You’re pretty…for a fat girl”.  It was difficult for her to expose herself at first, but given we go back many years, she warmed up to the process and quickly became a natural model.

At one point I showed her a picture of herself (one I only share in the presentation) and it upset her to the point of tears. I hugged her after she was clothed and reassured her that she is indeed beautiful.

Just a couple days after hearing my presentation, pretty much, in person, things shifted for Valorie. I asked her the other night, on a facebook chat, “so, are you still beautiful?” and she said yes, she had found it again and wasn’t letting it go.

She said “I know I had some breakdowns doing this, but I also had some break throughs”.

It gave me chills to hear and I couldn’t be more proud of her embracing this.