Tammy R.

I’m 38 and my husband hired Lewis for my surprise birthday party. I feel so special. Best BIRTHDAY ever!!!

Preston I.

“What you brought to the table was really special and every person I asked said you did a great job and how it was a good idea to bring you to the event! They said that you really blew their minds!”-

Cindy M.

“It’s not just Lewis’ ability to amaze you that makes you feel fully engrossed in his performance, it’s his ability to weave a story around his magic that will totally transport you. His storytelling is an important part of his magic, sit back and let him tell you about the places, people and events while being absolutely blown away by the mental feats he’s performing.”

Candace Y.

I was so Blown away! He asked to write down a person I knew from when I was 6 yrs old and I wrote down my Dad Allen that passed away when I was 6. He absolutely guessed his name!!!! WOW WOW!!!! Blew me away!!!! If you have not seen him, please take some time out and watch Lewis Chaney!

Mary S:

“Thank you for an awesome performance at our Christmas party. Glenn and I were very pleased with your show. And yes, it did have us scratching our heads along with our friends afterward!! “…still has everyone wondering “how did he do that”?????” There were a lot of people at the party that want to come see you at Turoni’s one night. So don’t be surprised if you see some of us again!!. Thank you again for a fun and entertaining evening.

Donna Conklin, Programming Director, Riverpark Center:

“On behalf of RiverPark Center, thank you so much for such unique entertainment at our annual Taste of Owensboro fundraiser. We heard many comments as people were leaving about how wonderful and fun it was to have you there. It was the perfect addition to our event. Thank you for coming to the event early to perform your magic and mentalism to the crowd waiting in line as well as throughout the entire event. We hope for many more opportunities to work with you in the future. It was also a pleasure working with you from beginning to end.”

Laura Peck, Executive Director, Downtown Henderson Partnership :

“I have had the privilege of working with Lewis D. Chaney a couple of times. The most recent time was our Independence Bank 4th of July Celebration. This event brings in over 6,000 people from around the Tri- State area. Lewis was a part of the entertainment for this evening and performed strolling magic and mind blowing mentalism during this community event. I was very impressed with what Lewis had to offer and I am still not quite sure how he was able to do the things that he did. The feedback from the crowd was awesome.”

Myrna W.

“Lewis is an amazingly talented Magician. My husband and I had the extreme pleasure of Lewis coming to our table while dining one evening and entertained even my husband, The skeptic! Lewis is a class act and has some very interesting stories and dreams to share!”

Sharon C.

“Lewis really does blow your mind, in both mentalism and magic; leaves you scratching your head wondering how he did that; he implements memories into many areas of his show so that the participants will remember their experience with Lewis for years to come.”

Debbie L.

“How to describe Mentalist and Magician Lewis Chaney? Blows your mind is truly the best description. He loves people and it shows. He’s smart, funny, warm, and has given a memorable performance every time I’ve seen him.”

Ashley O.

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Lewis  and he is just AMAZING. I wasn’t so sure that I would enjoy the magic when I first heard, but he’s completely changed my thoughts on that. My little brother and I went to Turonis to see him preform on a Friday and after he showed my brother a few tricks, he was amazed. He talked about it the rest of the night and played with the card Lewis gave him for the next couple days. He’s an awesome performer and he never disappoints. Highly recommend!!”

Lacey M.

“He’s awesome! Always makes it a good time being around him. He does tricks that amaze me every time!”

Mandi T.

“I’ve known Lewis for years and his talent continues to blown me away. His mentalist and card tricks will keep you guessing forever. He guessed the name of someone I’ve never mentioned to him before. Simply amazing and a must for any event needing entertainment!”

Loura M.

“I had the pleasure of seeing Lewis Chaney perform as a Mentalist in Henderson. I thought it was great how the audience was brought into the show, myself included. I was blown away at his performance !!! My friends & family & I were amazed at how he knew things. I believe everyone left there that day believing in magic. His show was excellent. I hope some day soon to see Lewis perform again. I would highly recommend his show to everyone !!!”

Karen E.

“Lewis is amazing and entertaining! Highly recommend catching one of his shows! You will be amazed!”

Brett T.

“I work with Lewis at Turonis in Evansville. He is the magician on Friday nights. He does a great job entertaining the guest as they wait for food. He has great teamwork and has been a great addition to the Turonis family work atmosphere. He does a great job interacting with the guest as they wait. Loves what he does and it the best at what he does”

Daphne P.

“Lewis’ mentalism show was amazing! He left me shocked, astounded, and wondering how he did what he did.

Andrew M.

“This man is crazy. All the things he can do with his mind and magic will blow your mind. I have seen him do some things that all you are left with is a headache from thinking about it. He is great!” 


Lewis is amazing everyone go to Turoni’s and ask for Lewis around 6-9.

Tracy R.

Lewis is a Great entertainer!! He recently performed for my husbands birthday and left us all with a smile on our face, laughter in our hearts and some of the fondest memories only Lewis could conjure up!! Thank-you again for a night we will always cherish.

Mike J.

It was such a good performance!

Michael E.

I recently enjoyed a performance by Lewis, and three days later I still cannot stop replaying it in my mind! A true showman, Lewis doesn’t settle for magic and slight of hand – no, he strives to make a personal connection and bring his audience into the wonder, the amazement, of the experience! It is one thing to watch a magician at work – it is another to experience an event that literally BLOWS YOUR MIND!!!!!!!!! If you haven’t seen his show, make a point to do so – you will not be sorry 🙂

Bill  C.

Lewis is awesome at what he does. An all-around great entertainer.

Mercedez V.

Mind definitely blown! Haven’t had the pleasure to know Lewis for very long, but this is just…wow! Class act. This man never ceases to amaze me 🙂

Mark C.

Lewis and I had lunch a while back, and he took the opportunity to…well, I won’t say “put on a show,” because it was more than that. He dazzled me, and I am usually undazzleable. One minute I was laughing, the next, my jaw was dropping. You will always have an enjoyable time when Lewis Chaney is around!

Terry B.

Lewis does an awesome showand my wife and I truly enjoyed his performance. Lewis is awesome, highly recommend him for any party or event.

Russ P.

Lewis blew my mind is a great name for his site because Lewis did in fact blow my mind. I thought of someone I knew and he told me things that happened to them that I forgot about until he mentioned it, and then he named the person THAT I HAD ONLY THOUGHT OF.

It was amazing.

Bradley S.

This man is awesome. He is one of the best. He will absolutely freak you out and leave you wondering, how the hell did he do that? Plus he is so interactive with his audience. A true showman. You will never regret going to see his show. In fact you will probably regret not seeing it. I garontee that!!!!!!

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