Why a Professional Storyteller?

At the age of six, I was enthralled by the space program. I would get up early in the mornings to watch the launches.

I recall my mother telling me that my first grade teacher would have me stand before the class and teach them about what I learned.  And so it started.

I might mention that, once, as a child, an uncle paid me a quarter to shut up for half an hour.

I also happen to have my grandfathers ears. He, and my father,  had an ear for a joke. A boss once said I was like a joke rolodex, pick a subject and I probably had one for it. I would rewrite the jokes to suit my delivery.

I wrote stories in school. I wrote stories at home. I watched copious amounts of TV and movies. I learned how to write a script and have written some.  I have been telling stories,  as a career, for 30 years.

Recently, I had been asking myself “who am I?” and “what do I have to offer?” and suddenly it dawned on me. Duh.  I am a storyteller.

I imagined a plus sign. To the South was a very long career in Television news (as a photojournalist, a teacher, trainer, mentor and finally,  Assignments Manager) Entertainment News and Commercial Production.

To the North was my involvement with Toastmasters. and my love for speaking. I learned quickly that I had the skills,  to the point that I was asked to Emcee a Toastmasters event, with International Directors in attendance, within 3 months of joining.

To the West, my love for writing “patter”, the stories that enhance my Illusionist abilities.  Many have cited my knack for making very personal connections with my performances.

To the East was KEYCHAIN-Productions LLC, where business partner Neil Kellen and I have created everything from commercials to award winning independent films as producers, directors, writers, cinematographers, lighting designers and, well, you get the idea.

At the apex of ALL of this stood one, irrefutable realization. I am a storyteller, first and foremost.

I don’t mean in the vein of the little guy with the straw hat spinning yarns  of Mark Twain.  I am Speaker and Illusionist, using powerful stories and a sense of humor to punctuate the delivery of  information or to just create mystery and leave behind memories.

After so many years of  working in television news, I have seen the worst of humanity. This is my way of giving back.  To bring value to others via my experience and constantly running mouth.

So I branded myself a storyteller, because. it’s been what I have done my entire life. All of my experiences have led to now.

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