Physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, body shaming,  alcoholic parents and more.  This anonymous young lady has been thru everything from A to Z, hence the name I have given her for this.

As if sexual abuse at the age of 8 wasn’t enough, her own father would force her to stand on a scale while he yelled at her and told her she was fat.

Sadly, I am finding more and more women who have suffered such horrible abuses growing up that I am amazed some, like Zee, are still here. Zee has hit that low more than once and more than once attempted to end her life.

She had no problems modeling nude for art but says her problems are more when passion is involved. That’s when she questions herself, her image, her body. Too many triggers from her past makes things rush back all at one time. She wanted to pose to see what it would do for her.

I was so touched by a text she sent me  just hours after our session:  “Hey, I wanted to thank you, again, for the shoot today. I just stepped out of the shower and was reintroduced to myself in the mirror. I truly believe in what you are doing. And I know you have many others to reach.”