What I Do

“If you want to make your event memorable, hire Lewis. People will still be talking about it years from now. Yes, he’s that good.” 

– LouAnn Watkins Clark

 In under 7 minutes, people laughed and cried.

 You won’t believe what happened in this story that will make you chuckle. (excerpt from “Growing Up Redneck” presentation)


As a Humor Goo-ru, I have filled a room with joy and laughter, demonstrating the need for levity in your world.

As a Speaker, I have left behind powerful information that has brought about change and left people thinking.

As an Mentalist and Magician, I have had clients come up to me, years later, specifically to tell me about how much they enjoyed what I did and were  touched by some of it. Forget what you know about the term “magician”. What I do is something different.

Amazing Entertainment! (Mentalism and Magic which will leave people’s minds blown)

At the core, it’s always about the story. Listen to what these two TV anchors say about it.

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